Who We Are

We are a collective of musicians and instructors…

…that have had professional performing experience as well as extensive education in various music fields including classical, jazz, folk, rock and pop.

Each instructor brings their own brand and experiences to the community, and teaches in their area of expertise on their instrument or instruments and in their field of professional play.

We specialize in private music instruction on a variety of instruments in a variety of fields.

We emphasize the reading of music, as well as understanding theory. We hold two recitals a year as well as offer other performance opportunities for students of all ages.

We have both introduced students to music, and helped shape and develop their musicianship, some of whom have gone on to study music at a university, or establish professional careers, or just wish to play for personal enjoyment.

We further help to develop musicians through group classes such as chamber music, rock/pop bands, youth orchestras and adult amateur chamber music. We also offer classes in music theory.

Our space has historically also been a rehearsal home for amateur and professional musicians alike.

What We Do

Our History

Canal Music Studios was formed in 2013 by two professional musicians…

…one a classical violinist and the other a jazz keyboardist for Lenny Kravitz as a teaching, rehearsal and recording studio, employing professional musicians to teach music to the community and share ideas and experiences.

In 2021, the school was destroyed by Hurricane Ida, but with the assistance of the community it was rebuilt and reopened in Stockton, NJ, 5 minutes from its original location.