In Person or Online Lessons

Private lessons are held on a weekly basis. Students can sign up month to month or by 19 week semester. We prefer in person lessons, but teachers can schedule online lessons for those with mobility issues.


We take pride in our team of experienced and certified music instructors who are experts in teaching a variety of genres across a wide range of musical instruments. With their vast knowledge and passion for music, our instructors provide exceptional guidance and mentorship to aspiring musicians of all levels.

Group Lessons/Seminars

We will announce group lessons and seminars in the upcoming months.

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About Canal Music Studios

Canal Music Studios was formed in 2013 by two professional musicians…

…one a classical violinist and the other a jazz keyboardist for Lenny Kravitz as a teaching, rehearsal and recording studio, employing professional musicians to teach music to the community and share ideas and experiences.

We are a collective of musicians and instructors…

…that have had professional performing experience as well as extensive education in various music fields including classical, jazz, folk, rock and pop.

We specialize in private music instruction on a variety of instruments in a variety of fields.

We emphasize the reading of music, as well as understanding theory.